Lighting &
Audio Options

ION Total PA Supreme High-Power Bluetoot

PA Microphone with Blue tooth Sound System

This fun item has blue tooth capability to play your favorite streaming music as well as make announcements or just to have a sing-along.  This item is loved by all of our customers for its great sound quality, but also for its unbeatable price. We’re sure you’ll love it.

20Ft Cathedral Tent Wall

cafe  lights_edited_edited.jpg

Bistro/Cafe Lighting-Multi-colored LED

This fantastic item is a great addition to extend your event into the evening.  They are installed at tent setup. We’re sure you’ll love it.  

36 Inch Barrel Fan

Par38 double flood lamp.jpg

Nothing too Fancy but keeps the air circulating on a hot day!

Par38 Single flood.jpg

Indoor/Outdoor, Dimmable Color Changing Flood Lights
W/ Remote Control

Nature white color and RGB color, 16 different colors in total to change