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Ideas & Planning

Often it can be challenging to determine the size of tent you may need for your event.  Here you can visualize the space in the tents we offer.  In general, planning is roughly 10 square ft per person.  This can change on additional options you may desire for your celebration.  Things to consider are :

  • Dance Floor

  • Table Type

  • DJ/ Music area

  • Food/Beverage Tables

  • Optional Bar

  • Cocktail Tables

  • Lighting

    • Flood​

    • Perimeter

    • Chandeliers

    • Globes

    • Outside Garden


Bow Tie

Our 40FT Hexagons are 36x40FT wide.

 They have 20Ft openings making it convenient

for joining multiple tent frames.


Snow Flake

5FT Round tables can accommodate up to 8 persons.  Seating in the same spaces with 6FT  round tables can sometimes seat fewer people, though they seat up to 10 persons.

Y Design_edited.png

V Design w/ Dance Floor & Bar

Dance floor options are assembly 4FT x 4FT  panels for solid and grass surfaces.  This example is a 16x16 FT.

modified double Hex40_edited.png

Double Hex w/ 20x20s added

Many weddings have large Wedding parties.  They also need space for food tables as well cake tables and DJ/MC space.  These are all important considerations, especially when closing the tent in with optional Side Panels.

20x30 layout.jpg


Sometimes your levelness of the location of the event can be a challenge.  We can often adjust the tent configurations to aid in maximizing level ground use.

Keyhole dance modified_edited.png

Key Hole w/Dance floor

Occasionally, we do set-ups on pavements.  These are unique because we are not staking the tent in grass.  There are additional charges for using Ballast where otherwise a corner stake would be.  We utilize 55Gallon White Barrels filled with water for 500 LbS tie-down points.

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